Flashed AMD Radeon 6870 Mac Pro Graphics Card


Here for sale is an ATI Radeon HD 6870 1GB Graphics Card flashed with the latest firmware and is compatible in all models of Mac Pro from 2006-2012. Detailed spec for the card can be found below but i will say that the only things that differ from this and and official apple card are that this has twin DVI, single HDMI and dual Mini Display Port outputs.These are  useful if you are connecting to one of the newer Apple 24 or 27 inch displays :)

It is worth noting that the top DVI port is the only port that does not function but that still leaves you with 4 that do :)

There is also full boot screen support from the lower DVI port (Shows the Apple logo at startup - Useful switching boot drives and bootcamp).

Complete with the card you'll get the necessary 6 pin power cables that plug into the Mac's Logic Board to provide power.

These are awesome cards for the Mac Pro and also work very well in BootCamp :)

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